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Jimmy Wren book on 1916 Four Courts Garrison

Jimmy Wren book on 1916 Four Courts Garrison Request for information

(also Cabra Bridge, Magazine Fort and Mendicity Institution Garrisons)

Dear 1916 relative,

Jimmy Wren (his father, also called Jimmy, fought at the GPO) is the author of The GPO Garrison Easter Week 1916: A Biographical Dictionary".

Jimmy is embarking on writing a similar book for the Four Courts, Cabra Bridge (including North Circular Road and Phibsborough activities), the Magazine Fort and the Mendicity Institution Garrisons and needs assistance from relatives to compile entries for our relatives.

Below is a sample of one of the pages from the book he wrote on the GPO Garrison which gives you an indication of the biogrpahical entries he writes and the pen and ink portraits that accompany them. To assist with Jimmy's work on what will be a great book, please send as much of the information below as possible to Jimmy at

1. Your name and phone number 2. Name of your relative 3. Date of Birth and Death 4. Where they are buried 5. Address in 1916 6. Their occupation 7. Any prison service 8. Commanding Officer 9. Garrison 10. Short synopsis of their lives (before the Rising, their actions during the Rising, and their life after the Rising) 11. If possible, 2 photos of your relative. Please send as high quality photos as possible. These will be used by Jimmy to create his distinctive pen and ink portraits to accompany the biographical entries.

You should send the above details to

Jimmy has already started researching this book and commenced work on many of the biographical entries and is planning to have it published in April 2016. Pre-publication orders for relatives will be made available in 2016.

Please take the time to send the information above on your relative as soon as possible and no later than Friday 8 January 2016. Please remember to include as much of the information above as you can and to send details to

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