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Online Articles


An t-Óglach articles on Easter Week Four Courts 


National Library Ireland - 1916 Four Courts Story


The Heroic Defenders of Church St (newspaper article)


P. Holahan Recollections of Easter Week Four Courts


Article in Herald on Four Courts Garrison





Battle of North King Street

YouTube- Marcus Howard, Easter Rising Stories

A detailed account of the fighting in North King Street featuring Derek Molyneux and Darren Kelly authors of "When The Clock Struck in 1916"


Sites of 1916 - Four Courts

YouTube- Century Ireland

A brief overview of the Four Courts garrison in 1916.


A Terrible Beauty

90-minute feature docudrama, Tile Media 2015

A unique look at the events of Easter Week 1916 in Dublin. Focusing on the ferocious Battle of Mount Street Bridge and the engagements around Ned Daly's Four Courts garrison.


Books and Podcasts


Crossfire - The battle of the Four Courts

Paul O'Brien, New Island, 2012

The definitive story of the Four Courts in 1916.

When The Clock Struck in 1916

Derek Molyneux & Darren Kelly, Collins Press

Detailed accounts of fighting for all areas in Easter 1916.  Good accounts of North King Street, North Brunswick Street.

Website and podcasts featuring relatives reading from archival material from lesser known 1916 participants including from Four Courts Garrison. See also on Soundcloud.


Grandpa The Sniper: The Remarkable Story of a 1916 Volunteer

Frank Shouldice

The story of Frank Shouldice, who was positioned as a sniper in Jameson's Malthouse overlooking Norht King Street, told by his grandson.


16 Lives: Edward Daly

Helen Litton

Helen Litton traces Edward 'Ned' Daly's life from childhood to Commandant of the 1st Batallion in the Four Courts Garrison.

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