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2016 Commemorative Events

The Government of Ireland has announced a series of commemorative events for the public and some specifically for the relatives of those who fought in 1916.  You can view website at:-  and events at


Relatives of those who fought in 1916 can register for invites to some of the state 1916 centenary events at the Department of Defence website or download a copy of the application form here.


This group will endeavour to develop Four Courts specific events for relatives and the local communities.



Military Archives

MA/Military Service Pensions Collection/RO/12  Dublin Brigade Easter Week 1st Battalion


This is the definitive report on who fought in the Four Courts garrison during Easter Week. It was estimated that perhaps 70% of actual members of the 1st Battalion took part in 1916 . Additionally some members of other battalions and organisations also joined in as part of the Four Courts garrison. The Garrison List on this website has 313 names, but is known to have a number of errors. The Mendicity Institute was taken by members of the 1st Battalion but is usually considered separately to the Four Courts garrison.


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